Sea couch- Elytrigia atherica (Link.) Kerguélen

Stace (2010) pg 1049/Stace (2005) pg 893/ Rose (1989) pg 132/ BSBI Distribution:

This grass species is described by Stace (2005) as growing in wet, sandy or gravelly places at the margins of dunes and saltmarshes.During fieldwork it was mainly sighted on the embryonic dunes at “Far Point”.

Culms (stalks) reach 1.2m (Stace 2010):

This couch species has rigid, glaucous (bluish-white) leaves (Rose 1989):

Leaves are 2 to 9mm wide (note usually inrolled but flattened against the ruler here), with prominent, hairless, flat topped ribs (Stace 2010):

Spikelets are often in close proximity to eachother and 10 -20mm long and closely overlap (Rose 1989). Stace (2005) states that Sea couch glumes are 4-7 veined, acute to obtuse in shape and sometimes acuminate (tapered to a fine point):

The lemmas are rarely awned though if they are then are only 10mm in length.

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